Why you shouldn't bother with Stranges

  • Published on Saturday, 8 March 2014
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Do you have the patience and will to start from 0 over and over again?

I have many habits in Team Fortress 2, one of the worst being judging people who have custom-named their ordinary-quality items. A few years ago, TF2 culture dictated Name Tags exclusively be applied mostly to Strange weapons, because normal weapons simply were not valuable enough to merit unique names. Now though, Stranges have plummeted in their value to everyday players, perhaps beyond being renamed 'SWAG GUN 5000'.

Ranking up is no longer an exercise promising pride and rights to brag. Surpassing the first dozen milestones is a hateful process – all ranks up to ‘Server-Clearing’ only exist to annoy and separate you from the prestigious titles. Server-Clearing is actually the worst of all, demanding 2500 kills, on-top of the 2500 you already accumulated to reach this vile rank, before it buggers off.

I shouldn’t have used that word, actually. ‘Prestigious’. There’s no prestige surrounding high-ranking Strange weapons anymore because they’re so common. When was the last time you awed at somebody with an Epic Stickybomb Launcher?

What exactly do Stranges offer you anyway, if not the feeling of prestige? Other than the same ranking system you go through with each new weapon, a kill counter and the distinguishable orange font. If you ever reach Hale’s Own, you’ll feel excitement and pride surging through your veins… for about five minutes. After that, it’s just another rank – the last rank. The Strange quality is now redundant, because Valve didn’t think anything over 9,000 was a big deal.

Furthermore, who gives a shit anyway? If you see a player with a Hale’s Own weapon, you’ll either think that they think they’re awesome, play way too much, lack diversity in their class choices or all of the above. I possess a Hale’s Own Huntsman – one of only a few in existence. I worked incredibly hard to reach that rank, but still – even I know nobody really gives a shit. If anything, I’m a bigger loser than most others.

I’m starting to turn away from acquiring new Strange items. It’s no longer a challenging or enjoyable exercise; the tingly sensation of reaching new milestones has fizzled out. I’ve started using a Genuine AWPer Hand, leaving of my Strange Huntsman and Sniper Rifle to gather dust in the basement.

If anything, the fun factor of TF2 diminished by Strange items has been found again. I’m playing TF2 because TF2 is fun; I’m not playing TF2 because I’m only 300 kills away from an Epic Scattergun. It’s a liberating feeling that I truly hope touches many other victims of this rather Strange disease.

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