Scattergun vs Force-A-Nature: Which is superior?

  • Published on Saturday, 25 January 2014
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Both weapons are more than worthy of the primary slot in your Scout loadout.

This is the dilemma to end all dilemmas. It's right up there with ketchup or barbecue sauce. It's probably a small dilemma that ends within seconds for other Scout enthusiasts, but it's been rattling around my brain for weeks and weeks. The stock Scattergun versus its slightly twisted half-brother Force-A-Nature. Which is the most efficient at putting holes into my enemies?

As I’ve whized around the usual King of the Hill maps, I’ve found myself breaking this rule, failing to crown either as my primary weapon of choice. But there is good reason for this – they’re both simply wicked.

They are wicked by nature and both are a wicked force to be reckoned with, especially if your aim is faultless. The Scattergun is the choice of weapon for probably a majority of Scouts and not because it comes as the stock gun. Its concentrated, low-spread fire makes it ideal in most fight scenarios. The Force-A-Nature (or ‘FAN’), on the other hand, is designed purely for close-combat, with its large bullet spread, increased damage and unique knockback, a handy tool for the Scout survivalist.

On paper then they both sound awesome in their own right, but they’re not without their flaws. The Scattergun’s fire rate is slow, as is the time it takes to individually reload each bullet – all 6 of them. The FAN is very much a ‘kill or be killed’ weapon – due to its miserable and often suicidal low clip size of two shots. If you miss just one of the two shots, your best chance of escaping with most of your organs in-place is to hope that your chosen enemy is blind, stupid or both.

I’ve experimented with both of these deadly killers to great extent and have arrived at several conclusions.

The Scattergun is, without question, the best all-rounder; as previously mentioned, it is ideal in most group or singles combat situations. Its superior clip size provides confidence when confronting an enemy with 6 disposable shots on-hand, decreasing the chances of losing and increasing the odds of surviving.

The FAN, up close, is capable of reducing an enemy’s health to the red zone in milliseconds and sending them flying face-first into a wall with the knockback. By the time the enemy has recovered from the shock of their involuntary flight, your clip has reloaded and they won’t be breathing for much longer.

So, which will it be? Well, I have come to a final conclusion. This conclusion is relevant to all online players whom dare step into my field of view. This conclusion will change the landscape of King of the Hill gaming until the day Team Fortress 2 is shut down. The world is watching.

My conclusion, is… that the Mad Milk is extremely awesome with both of them.

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