Like an antidote surging through our veins

  • Published on Tuesday, 5 July 2016
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This is the antivirus from Resident Evil... I think... for those who haven't seen it... cough.

A couple of weeks have passed since injecting the anti-virus drug into the bloodstream of the once zombie-like Excessive Forces clan, thus causing resurrection, and we've successfully hit a number of our targets since. (Yes, I know, that Resident Evil reference doesn't work because they were 'infected', not zombies, but shhhhh kthx).

So, time for some updates. Most importantly, please welcome Sir Googly Moogly, Krager and Gravity to our team. Googly and Krager are friends with Howard The Duck, as we seem to be growing a Danish family in our otherwise international clan. Gravity is a Brit. That is all – please welcome them and add them on Steam.

That’s the biggest chunk of juicy news. Like a watermelon, that’s big and round… and juicy… mmmmm… sorry, distracted. So now, let’s gather up the little grapes of news – what we’ve achieved so far, what remains to do and review the overall objectives. Good times, eh?

  • We will be recruiting a few more members. Currently we stand at 9 (minus 1 indefinitely inactive) and I would like to increase that by 2 or 3. Expect some new faces soon.
  • I plan to set up fixed games evenings week-by-week, so people know when they are “expected” to show up. No major commits required, but having a few evenings where you can expect others – including myself and Bodgester, to be playing would be handy. Will discuss this on TeamSpeak later on.
  • Public abuse. Now, this is part of the clan package when you sign up, and I have no control over it. Since wearing the »eF« tag in public TF2 games, you’ve probably been abused or insulted (I know I have!) by teenagers just discovering their pubic hair, either directly or as ‘part’ of eForces. Lamers, stackers, cheaters, etc. My advice: ignore it, don’t indulge idiots. You’ll probably never see them again. The clan policy, however, is if you felt insulted: kill, taunt, repeat. Have fun with that. :)

Done and done. Now, what remains and what about the future? Simply put, we keep doing what we’re doing and start playing in our public KOTH server more often. I would ask for your patience in this process. Playing in a (currently) empty server, possibly versus bots and each other, may seem boring, but it’s about the bigger picture. Servers have to start somewhere. So look forward to the future and thanks for your patience and support. :)

That’s all. Which did you enjoy more, the giant watermelon or the tiny grapes? Huh? Both? You greedy, fat fucker. Honestly. Geeeeeeez.

Written by throzeN!`

Excessive Forces Founder and Clan Leader

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