A new era dawns in Excessive Forces

  • Published on Thursday, 30 June 2016
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It's me. That's right. Me. All me. With a candle on my head.

Have you ever managed to keep something up for 9 years? Like a hobby, or a job, or... not eating... in which case, how, uhh... how are you, uhh, like, still breathing? You, sir, are impressive, unlike myself. I dropped Excessive Forces seven months ago, but now... we're back. *shock*

The month of November 2015 was cold, and not because it’s raining ice daggers from the skies. I closed the clan due to members not committing against their initial word, having run it since 2007. I needed a break from leadership. I’ve had that break and now feel fresh, revitalised and ready to roll.

So here we are, back in Team Fortress 2. We’ve carried over a few essential members from our past, but intend to build a new team with new, young, eager and homicidal faces. You know, like gerbils with AK47s and baby rabbits with detonators strapped to their necks. Aww, so adorable.

Anyway, here’s a rundown of the latest:

  • We have taken on three new members so far: Tanaka (from super-soviet Russia), Kislaguna (from hungry Hungary) and Howard the Duck (from Denmark. Who cares about that? He’s a duck for fuck’s sake.) We are excited to have them here and intend to build the team up with their support.
  • A new server was born in TF2 a few days ago. Our public server went live in King of the Hill, running typical map rotation for that mode and hosting 20 slots. The IP is: Please add it to your favourites!
  • The new website is here, as former eForces members will recognise. It features less content, but that very content was useless in my mind. This site is slimmer, more direct and focuses on the important stuff. Enjoy.

That’s it really. My plan going forward, as you may have been told, is to build up a team of new players and play regularly in our new King of the Hill server, to eventually develop a community around our team, and become the face of KOTH.

Thanks for reading. Cookies for all!

Written by throzeN!`

Excessive Forces Founder and Clan Leader

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