Omnipotence simply isn't enough

The most powerful Counter Strike: Source aim_texture faction has arrived in Global Offensive, laying waste to anything in motion. Why? We think you'd look prettier dead.

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Veteran fighters hard-wired to inflict inconceivable carnage

Excessive Forces has been around for nearly 10 years. We've proudly liberated countless players of their bones and vital organs in dozens of games. Now, in Global Offensive, armed and ready, we think nothing other than to bring sheer carnage to a variety of modes. If you see us coming, we advise you disconnect. Immediately.

Join our King of the Hill server for a free slap with a pixelated fish

Nothing but WASD + M1 junkies

Over the years we’ve racked up well over 60 members in a variety of different games and from a colourful, diverse range of countries. Right now, our team contains some Brits, some Scandinavians, and some eastern Europeans. And a Russian.

  • throzen

  • bodgester

  • overwatch

  • numba

  • strikyy

It's time to talk with eForces

Great news – you can chat with us about anything. Except for league gaming, we don't do that... or Goat Simulator, we just... yeah, don't play that... Oh, but you can praise us, our server (if we have one...), our website, the Naked Squirrel Appreciation Society, and so much more.

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